27 Ekim 2008 Pazartesi

Last piece before the book

Yes, finally I received my book from amazon about flower arrangement. It's super. I'm learning many new things and I'm sure it will reflect to my future works soon. Before that I have an arrangement of white hydrangeas. Hydrangeas are quite expencieve at this time of the year. So it's better to buy them when you know what you are going to do with them. In my case, I definitely didn't. I only liked them so I bought them. The result was not too bad, however not too satisfactory at the same time. I think I shoud have bought some additional white roses to enrich the arrangement. Anyway, here are the white hyrangeas.

Somehow I'm so attached to white flowers. Even I say to myself to buy different colors, I end up with white ones most of the times . Next time, I will definitely use some other colors. Purple, pink, or else, a new vase, and a new technique. I'm excited to see what it will be like.

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